Scottish Borders House


Scottish Borders House

Modern insulation materials deliver superior levels of thermal comfort and many new build construction projects take advantage of the energy efficiency they offer. GoSustainable is part of a new build project in the Scottish borders – a house to be inhabited by a married couple who are building the property themselves. The clients have no prior construction experience but are closely involved with the project at every level.

Assessment & Recommendation

The project involved the insulation of a timber frame, new build house in the Scottish borders. We recommended Warmcel 500 fibre insulation, sealed for air-tightness in the walls. Warmcel is ideal for timber frame solutions: injected under pressure, it eliminates voids and results in a ‘Full Fill Solution’.

Recommended Measures:

  • Warmcel 300 fibre insulation – open blown into the loft space.
  • Warmcel 500 fibre insulation – filled to a density of 60 and blown into the wall space.
Warmcel - Cellulose Fibre Insulation
Internal Wall Insulation - Installation


On completion of the timber frame structure, our Warmcel technicians fixed a scrim over the studs to retain the Warmcel 500 in place. The wall was treated with a full fill of Warmcel: 100% recycled-newspaper, environmentally-friendly fibre insulation.

Core samples of the fill-density were taken at regular intervals to achieve a uniform consistency. A density score of ’65’ was achieved throughout the installation – a superior level of fill than the ’55’ required.

The installation work took less than a day. Upon completion, space was cleaned and made suitable for on-going construction work.


  • Airtightness was achieved along with a better-than-expected fill density of 65
  • The client received 30% more thermal fill and achieved greater air tightness

The client was satisfied with the results which left the property well-placed for further insulation work and the progress of further trade activities.

Warmcel - Approved Installer