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Metaltech UK - Commercial LED Lighting

Well-respected Dundee welding and fabrication specialists Metaltech UK relocated to the city’s West Pitkerro Industrial Estate in 2008.

The initial facility, a shell core spanning 13,000 square feet, was transformed into a comprehensive welding and fabrication workshop. Soon after an additional 13,000 square foot commercial unit adjacent to the existing premises was acquired to accommodate the company’s dedicated workshop for stainless steel and exotic metal fabrications.

Both workshop facilities served Metaltech UK well over the coming years with continued research and development in their services and products. Expansion into architectural metalwork and specialist fabrications including the addition of an in-house design and draughting department are only part of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement. To ensure customers’ expectations are not only met but exceeded, Metaltech UK’s policies include key improvements in all areas of their facilities, improving efficiency, the working environment and the health and safety of employees.

Assessment and Recommendation

Metaltech UK contacted GoSustainable in August 2017 to discuss a full lighting replacement programme for both office and workshop facilities.

Following discussions and site survey, a combination of LED Lighting was identified as the best solution throughout the buildings, with each LED product offering the benefit of improved lighting and reduced energy and maintenance costs, while reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

GoSustainable then completed a full lighting design for each space, with a proposed energy requirement for all areas calculated to be 19.3Kwh, less than half of the existing energy requirement. Specific LED products were recommended for a variety of spaces based on user requirements and, with the client’s approval, GoSustainable progressed with the procurement of products aimed at improving the environment and energy efficiency while combating the rising cost of energy.

Metaltech UK - LED Light Design
Metaltech UK - Commercial LED Lighting


In December 2017, GoSustainable completed a full lighting replacement programme for Metaltech UK.

High Bay and Low Bay LED lights were installed throughout the main workshops and a range of LED battens and bulkhead lights installed in all communal areas. Specific areas are controlled via PIR presence detection and timer switches to ensure maximum efficiency. Offices benefited from LED downlights and integrated ceiling light boxes while LED floodlights with daylight sensors were installed to the perimeter of the buildings.


The key benefit of the LED Lighting installation, a capital investment of £16,750, is improved illuminance of all working areas contributing to improved health and safety and a better working environment.

However, the works have also generated both financial and environmental rewards.

Replacing the lighting will lead to a significant reduction in energy use, from just over 40,000Kw hours per year to a predicted 19,000Kwh.

As a result, annual energy running costs associated with lighting are also predicted to drop from over £6,000 to under £3,000.

The capital investment for the complete supply and installation of the LED lighting has a payback period of under five years with the benefit of reduced energy costs continuing easily for a further 15 to 20 years.

Metaltech UK - Commercial LED Lighting

Total System Payback Calculation

Metaltech-UK LED Lighting ROI

Calculations are based on best estimates and therefore should be treated as indicative.

“Our commitment to quality is second to none. As a company, we are always looking for ways to improve our working environment, for both our workforce and customers. Our facilities are at the core of what we do and it is therefore important to ensure we have the best in all aspects to allow us to deliver the quality of product our customers expect and require.”

“GoSustainable were a pleasure to work with. The process was seamless with little disruption to our daily activities and every stage was explained and programmed as you would expect from a professional company. I wouldn’t hesitate in engaging with these guys in the future.”

Wattie Milne, Managing Director, Metaltech UK