3-Bedroom Flat, Dundee

Multiple Efficiency Measures

Heating Controls

The tenant of this 3 bedroom flat in the Hilltown area of Dundee spends most of her time at home due to poor health – but increasingly unable to afford to heat the whole property due to soaring energy bills, she found herself restricted to one room. Using multiple measures to increase energy efficiency, GoSustainable has been able to cut her energy bills by 40% and deliver 24-hour thermal comfort.

Assessment & Recommendation

GoSustainable carried out a Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) to assess the viability of energy efficiency measures. The report is in two parts:

1. Technical Survey

We completed a full technical survey of the property and produced an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) identifying the current and potential energy efficiency of the property. We then identified a range of measures that could be introduced to improve the energy efficiency of the property and the associated costs to implement these.

Recommended Measures:

2. ECO Report

This report helps to identify the annual cost savings to the home depending on the energy efficiency measures introduced. This determines the level of financial support available through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), part of the government’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

The internal wall, alternative wall and underfloor insulation have forecast the following savings:

Annual x 36 years
product lifetime
Carbon Saving (tonnes) 2.07 74.5
Cost Saving £708 £25,505
Redwell Infrared Heating - Hallway Sq
Knauf Insulation


Internal Wall Insulation

The property’s external walls were fitted with 50 sq/m of Knauf’s high-performance ThermoShell internal wall insulation, improving the thermal performance of the building fabric significantly, enhancing the tenant’s comfort and reducing energy consumption. The u-value was improved from 2.1W/m²K to 0.3W/m²K.

Party Wall Insulation

We installed 27.5mm insulated plasterboard to all internal party walls to neighbouring properties and to the communal stairwell to prevent heat loss and provide acoustic benefits.

Underfloor Insulation

The property was a ground floor flat with access to foundations. We installed 200mm depth of Knauf Earthwool to 80sqm to prevent heat loss through the floors.

LED Lighting

All existing halogen and pendant lights replaced with LEDs reducing the energy requirement from 800 watts to 48 watts.

Infrared Heating System

A 4.5kw Redwell system was installed throughout including a printed panel in the lounge to enhance the aesthetic of the room and a mirror panel in the bathroom providing heat and practicality. Salus programmable thermostats were installed in every room to optimise control and efficiency.


The landlord and tenant are very pleased with the changes to the living conditions. The tenant is able to use the whole flat again due to the constant and easily controlled warmth.

  • 42% energy savings
  • Improved living conditions for the tenant
  • Removing the tenant from a fuel poverty situation
  • Increasing property value
  • Peace of mind and satisfaction for the landlord knowing
  • his property value increased and now meets
  • current energy efficiency standards
  • Avoiding a void property situation with no rental income
  • A happy tenant
Insulation - Internal Wall Insulation - Fitting
Energy Efficiency Rating Achieved
Energy Efficiency Rating Achieved
Environmental Impact (CO2) Rating Achieved
Environmental Impact (CO2) Rating Achieved

“After months of worrying about fuel bills and struggling to keep warm I am now able to keep my whole house cosy. My home has been completely transformed and I no longer have to worry about keeping one room warm at a time. Thanks to the guys at Sustainable Energy Scotland for a great job from start to finish. It now feels like a new home”

Margaret, Homeowner, Dundee