Commercial LED Lighting

Working hard to help reduce the carbon footprint of businesses throughout Scotland.

Switch to LED Lighting

GoSustainable is working hard to reduce the carbon footprint of businesses throughout Scotland. Lighting makes up approximately 20% of the UK’s energy consumption. We help companies improve their lighting by switching to LED whilst significantly reducing the running costs and carbon emissions of the business.

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Good Business Practice - Saving Money

Through the switch to LED lighting, we can help commercial properties reduce their carbon footprint, their electricity and maintenance budgets saving businesses thousands of pounds.

By investing in energy efficient LED technology, businesses benefit from lower bills and move towards a more sustainable future. With a spectrum of associated green finance opportunities in place companies can apply for a capital contribution to cover up to 30% of the costs of an energy efficiency project, LED lighting represents more than just good business practice.

Hi Bay LED
Modern LED Panels

Where can I use LED lighting?

A wide range of LED lighting is available for both new and retro-fit applications. LED replacements for existing fluorescent, halogen, mercury vapour or sodium bulbs within commercial and industrial buildings are also readily available.

GoSustainable’s commercial LED lighting products include:

  • High Bay Lighting
  • Low Bay Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Internal and External Floodlights
  • Compact floodlights
  • LED Panels Lights for ceiling applications
  • Retro-Fit Tubes
LED Environmental Landscape


Our service can include the following:

  • Site Survey including existing light measurement
  • Energy Analysis and Carbon Reduction calculation
  • DIALux Simulations of Project
  • Provision of Alternative Schemes
  • Full Costing for Supply or Supply and Install
  • Estimated Maintenance Savings
  • Supply or Installation of Sample Fittings or Lamps
Lighting Design

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