STOPDIGGING! in Scotland

Posted on 16th April 2018 in Announcements

STOPDIGGING! ground screw foundation system

Here at GoSustainable, innovation and sustainability are paramount. Put simply, if potential new services or products do not fit with that ethos, we don’t get involved.

We make it our business to push the boundaries, to ensure that our clients are presented with the very best solutions for their requirements.

STOPDIGGING! ground screw foundation system

We are therefore delighted to have been appointed approved installer in Scotland for a highly innovative system which is transforming the way foundations are laid, marking an exciting stage in what we can offer both domestic and commercial clients.

From the very first introduction to the company, it came as no surprise to us that STOPDIGGING! is Europe’s market-leading supplier and installer of ground screw foundations.


How does it work?

Rugged and strong, the galvanized tapered steel screws are available in different lengths and diameters. When driven into the ground, they form a solid platform onto which posts, other items of landscape architecture or a structural framework for a building can be securely and permanently affixed.

Truly sustainable, this biodiverse foundations solution is ideal for the conservation-minded and, should the structure ever need to be moved or removed, the screws can simply be extracted. The ground is left unscarred, except for a grid of small holes, meaning that the underlying soil will quickly recover and the grass re-grows, leaving absolutely no trace. The screws can then be relocated and re-installed in a new location.

Time is money!

As well as the environmental benefits, our clients are amazed at the time (and therefore cost) savings generated by STOPDIGGING! compared to traditional foundations.

Potentially cutting your project down from days to hours, it takes as little as three minutes per screw to install and at around a third of the cost of digging out and casting traditional concrete foundations.

The system also avoids the need for heavy, noisy machinery, skip hire or extensive ground clearance.

ground screw foundation

From signs to extensions

The applications for STOPDIGGING! are diverse.

From large semi-permanent buildings and temporary structures at shows and events, to home extensions, decking and garden rooms, STOPDIGGING! can also secure architectural structures such as benches, signs and fence posts into any landscape, regardless of ground conditions or temperature.

Peter Toole, UK Managing Director of STOPDIGGING! commented,

“It was clear from the first meeting we had with Callum that he recognised the benefits our system offers in so many different applications. There is a clear synergy between STOPDIGGING! and the other services offered by GoSustainable. The staff show a positive, hardworking, ‘can-do’ attitude, exactly the sort of guys we need as the face of the STOPDIGGING! brand in Scotland. We are very proud to welcome Callum and his team to the STOPDIGGING! Partner network.”

If you would like to hear more, or for us to visit your premises to talk through the system, please drop us a line at enquiries@gosustainable.co.uk or call the team on 01382 843111.