Gorgeous Warmth At New Salon

Posted on 1st September 2015 in Announcements

Redwell Infrared Heating - Printed Panel - Flowers

An Edinburgh based beauty retreat has taken an innovative approach to keeping its staff and clients warm. Gorgeous Therapies, in Stockbridge, recently overhauled its old central heating apparatus and installed a Redwell infrared heating system throughout its premises.

The new heating technology utilises infrared radiation, heating surrounding objects rather than air currents – a method which eliminates the waste of conventional gas and convection systems. The Redwell panels were installed by specialists from GoSustainable at Gorgeous Therapies’ premises in Hamilton Place, comprised of a salon, beauty therapy rooms, café and retail shop.

Owner of Gorgeous Therapies, Rachael Swanney, wanted to put customer comfort at the top of her priorities:

“I wanted to ensure everything about our new shop was as comforting and serene as possible,” Rachel said. “The new Redwell panels give me that, whilst being cost effective and easy to install – and I don’t have to worry about maintenance.”

Gorgeous Therapies’ Stockbridge premises was previously a Napiers Herbalist – a brand known for its health-promoting credentials. Rachel hopes the health benefits of infrared heat, including skin care and improved circulation, will make the shop’s new panels a perfect fit.

Rachel contacted GoSustainable for advice on how to replace her business’ existing electric storage heating which was inefficient and incapable of keeping the building’s temperature consistent and comfortable. The Redwell panels were not only suitable for the specific heating needs of the property, but promoted the eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable image of the Gorgeous Therapies brand to its customers.

GoSustainable is a main distributor for Redwell Infrared. Give us a call on 01382 843111 or email enquiries@gosustainable.co.uk for further information.