Creating Warm and Welcoming Sports Spaces

Posted on 28th March 2018 in Announcements

Hamilton Gymnastics Infrared Heating

Whether proud parents or supportive friends or relatives, we’ve all been invited along to spectate at a sports event – and soon wished we’d wrapped up in more layers!

That was definitely the scenario when Hamilton Gymnastics Club opened their new 15,000 square foot premises at Blantyre Industrial Estate, Hamilton in 2017. With absolutely no heating, the coaches were keen to find a solution that would heat the building effectively, and efficiently.

One of the largest gymnastics clubs in Scotland, Hamilton runs classes within numerous sporting centres in South Lanarkshire. Starting life with only a handful of children in 2007, the club’s membership has now grown to 1,200.

“When we took over the building, it had absolutely no heating and we had no real idea of what type of heating system would work best. What we did know, however, was that we needed the hall to be comfortable for the gymnasts but also for spectators. By their very nature, gymnastic sessions and competitions in particular involve a lot of waiting around and we have to ensure that all participants and their families are comfortable. In addition, we needed heating which could be tailored to different areas of the hall, and sometimes the foyer too, to avoid both financial and environmental wastage.”

Ruth Gibson, Head Coach, Hamilton Gymnastics

We were called in during the Summer of 2017 and, following discussions and a site survey, identified our range of Tansun Apollo Quartz Infrared Heaters as the best way forwards.

With the emphasis on instant, targeted heat, this system is ideal for a large gymnasium and its viewing galleries as each heater offers direct heat in the areas required with next to no heat loss to the air, an important factor in a building of this size and construction. Crucially, the heaters can be switched on individually or zoned to meet the needs of the club, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Ruth added, “We liked the fact that we don’t have to heat the entire space but can focus on the areas being used, zoning them off with easily operated controls. Other clubs have since commented on how cosy and welcoming our gym is, even one day when it was minus 6 degrees outside! On a practical level, GoSustainable were really easy to work with and very much worked around us to avoid disruption to the day to day operations of the club. We are delighted with our new heating system!”

The full case study for our project with Hamilton Gymnastics can be found here.