Warm and Cool Energy Revamp for Architects Studio

Posted on 9th February 2018 in Announcements

Dundee Architect, Andrew Black Design

When we were first approached by Andrew Black Design in 2017 to help transform the interior of their traditional 19th-century building into a modern, energy-efficient office space, we welcomed the challenge.

That challenge didn’t stop at just working with an old building, however, as Andy and his team had high aspirations to create both a practical and inspiring office environment that truly complimented their design-led approach to architecture.

The brief then was to:

  1. Insulate a very historic and traditional building with an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient insulation system
  2. Heat the building in the most effective way – and not to take up any unnecessary floor space!

The first of these we could tick off straight away with Warmcel. A 100% recycled product that in its application fills spaces in timber-frames and walls with ease. It offers ‘Better than Carbon Zero’ environmental standards and also being quick to install, was perfect for the project.

Interior of Andrew Black Design - Dundee

As for heating, we had to go a little off the wall.

We came up with the design and installation of Infrared Heating panels from RedWell. These are not only stylish and energy-efficient, heating the very material of the building for warmth, they can be mounted to the ceiling and so take up no space at all.

With the installation only taking X-days, and with a few remote heating controls added in, we were extremely pleased with the results and so was Andy and his team.

“GoSustainable really know their stuff. Not only did we want to work with a local company but we were very much attracted by their technical expertise and the fact they offer advice on the best solution for the client, rather than simply installing a product.”

– Andrew Black, Director and Architect

The full case study for our project with Andrew Black Design can be found here.