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Warmcel Insulation

Warmcel stands out from other heating and insulation brands by offering  ‘Better than Carbon Zero’ environmental standards – meaning homes featuring its insulation products will actually reduce their carbon footprint (by -1.5 GWP).

Warmcel insulation is ideal for construction projects targeting the Code for Sustainable Housing – which sets out requirements for achieving a zero carbon future for Britain’s domestic buildings.

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Key Features & Benefits

Warmcel uses Excel Fibre technology with a thermal conductivity value enhanced by its airtight installation methods. Excel Fibre is tested to CRIBE standards, helping to seal buildings against air infiltration and heat loss.

The benefits of Warmcel insulation include:

  • Airtight installation
  • Increased fire resistance
  • Acoustic dampening
  • Complete void-filling capability

Amongst other advantages, Warmcel insulation fibres involve low material cost, resist fungi, mould, and bacteria, and can be blown, spray or injection filled to achieve zero product waste. The versatility of fibre insulation means it is suitable for installation amongst most household building components including cabling, pipes and nail plates.

Passive House in Fife
Warmcel - Cellulose Fibre Insulation

100% Recycled Newspaper

Using innovative, modern carbon sequestering techniques, Warmcel creates insulation from 100% recycled newspaper – offering superb U-values and promoting sustainable energy practice.

Approved Installer

Quality assured application with a national coverage of approved installers – we’re one of them.


Warmcel Products

Warmcel - 300

Warmcel 300 – Lofts and Floor Insulation

Specified for new build lofts, floors or other open horizontal surfaces. Warmcel 300 is dry-blown pneumatically into position to provide a complete fill between and over joists, leaving no air gaps through which warm air can escape.

Warmcel - 500

Warmcel 500 – Timber Frame Insulation

Developed for EVT Technology applications, Warmcel 500 combines high levels of insulation with excellent breathability. Used for EVT walls, roofs and floors; timber frame walls and warm roofs, Warmcel 500 can be either TurboFill installed or damp spray installed.