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GoSustainable has partnered with Tansun, world leaders in energy-efficient, radiant heating for commercial application, for all types of business premises.

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Key Features & Benefits

Benefits of Tansun Electric Heaters over Gas Heaters

  • Tansun electric radiant heaters are more energy efficient as they heat the objects, people and surfaces, which in turn radiate the heat back. With gas heaters, a proportion of the heat just dissipates as it is used to just heat the surrounding air.
  • Smaller, which allows easier targeting positioning than gas heaters.
  • Maintenance – Tansun heaters are virtually maintenance free. With an average lamp life of approximately 7000 hours, heaters can be installed and forgotten about. Gas heaters must be maintained regularly such as having hoses and valves cleaned regularly to maintain performance. This adds extra cost and hassle.
  • Tansun’s radiant heaters are 96% energy efficient. Virtually all the energy used is converted directly into heat. There is no other form of heating that has a higher rate of conversion of energy to heat.
  • Safer – no flammable gas bottles and no naked flame.
  • No sensitivity to air movements, unlike gas where for example an open roller shutter door can negate hours of heating expense
  • No costly ‘pre-heating’ time required. Tansun heaters will provide necessary heat within one second of switching on. Unlike with gas where you may need to wait for hours to feel the necessary results.
  • Tansun heaters have no moving parts and therefore will generally have a much longer and maintenance free lifespan than something like a gas heating system.
  • Much more versatility and flexibility in terms of placement of heaters – for example heaters can be wall mounted from fairly low to high levels, or even ceiling hug. Additionally, no pipework required which further gives more flexibility of placement.
  • Ability to control heat output more accurately with Tansun’s range of energy saving controllers.


Tansun’s heating systems are suited to a wide range of business types, including but not at all limited to:

  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Canopy and Conservatory
  • Garages
  • Hospitals and Health Service Buildings
  • Industrial
  • Restaurants, indoor and outdoor
  • Sports Halls and Stadiums
  • Warehouse
  • Zoos
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Tansun Products


The perfect heating solution for industrial areas and large open spaces.


Ultra low glare, quartz infrared heaters.